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“In our 74th year of HALSIBAGAN SARBAJANIN DURGOTSAV 2018 our presentation for this year is to introduce folk art & ancient culture to the people. Overtime, folk art has gone a long way. Cultural identities, values & aesthetics are expressed through folk art. Folklore has been created from rural life. People are creative since ancient times. The type of creativity has been changed over time. A variety of arts have been evolved around the world since ancient time. Some of the arts are extinct and some are still unrevealed. In the present time, the beauty of antiquity has been lost due to mechanization and modernizations. Some of the folk art has been preserved in the archives and some in exhibitions where the so called general people are unable to reach. The DURGOTSAV OF BENGAL is such a festival where all kind of people irrespective of any caste and creed gather en masse and meet with each other to share their feelings. We have just tried to represent the idea depicting the energy, soul and divinity of a mo