Pally Mangal Samity (Taltala Ground)

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Barta peyechi se asche

Theme name- 'barta peyechi se asche' /বারতা পেয়েছি 'সে' আসছে theme artist - arup majumder artisan- keshab biswas and arup majumder club name- pally mangal samity, taltala ground club address- 393b prince anwar shah road kolkata near south city mall social activities- (send as attachment) club logo- (send as attachment) route map- (send as attachment) contact person name and number- 1) sarbajit roy(9836486348) 2) arijit roy (9674024637) theme note- we all are aware about scarcity of drinking water which had been conveyed to us by many environmentalists. we are nowadays a bit concerned about saving drinking water, fixing water atm and so on. but the environmentalists have given many reports which depict the fact of oxygen scarcity due high level of air pollution. we are neglecting it till we have the ultimate crisis. our artist and we as club members are alerting the people who will visit our pandal by conveying the message that if we are not following th